Approval process for bigger senders

In order to make sure that everything goes well after you purchase a bigger plan let’s start from sending your newsletter to a smaller group of subscribers. Usually we make the first approval up to 5000 or 10 000 subscribers – you can send newsletter to this number of recipients and ask for approval once again. We’ll check the results of your first campaign and decide what to do next. You’re informed by email (which is sent to account registration email address) each time we approve your account. You can use the “Split Group” feature to split your subscribers into smaller groups for your convenience.

So usually the process looks like this:

  1. You ask for approval.
  2. If we approve – approval level is usually raised up to 5000 or 10 000 subscribers.
  3. You send your newsletter to the group of 5000 (or 10 000) subscribers and ask for approval once again.
  4. We wait for several hours until we can see the stats (opens, spam complaints, bounces etc.) and check your account once again. If approved – level is raised up to the full limit or to half of it depending on your results.

Please always check Dashboard for specific instructions.