Deliver Based on Timezones

“Deliver Based on Timezones” is a feature that allows your emails to be delivered at the exact time in all timezones. For example: if you set the email to be delivered for 11:45. The email will arrive at 11:45 in Tokyo, London, NY and etc.

To set it up you all you need to do is to select Deliver Based on Timezones in the Schedule window when your campaign is ready.

IMPORTANT: This feature only works if you set it up a day ahead. This is because we need to start from the edge of the world, literally, and then go along. If you want the email to be received Thursday 11:45, you have to set it up on Wednesday.

How do we get the location data?

We get subscribers timezones in two ways:

  • He signed up using a webform in a specific timezone.
  • The person opens or clicks on the link in the email.

The timezone is constantly being updated based on these two actions for better accuracy.

Freshly imported lists won’t have time zones and in such case, we will use default time zone from the client account settings.


Now that the campaign is set. You can also track how your email travels around the world in real time. If you click on the campaign reports and scroll down you will notice a cool new world map. Here you can see what timezone the email is now and check Sent or Waiting emails in previous or next timezones. Pretty cool!

How accurate is all of this?

These report maps are for an approximate overview. Timezones are a tricky thing to get it right. They tend to move around a lot. Some regions are overlapping, some are not. This is why we optimized the Daylight Savings Time for the Northen Hemisphere. We wanted to keep a clean report so you could get a birds eye overview quickly.

Daylights saving time or DST in Reports

You may notice a (+1) symbol in some timezones in the report map. This means that the timezone has been adjusted and shifted one our ahead. 5:00 (+1) is actually 6. This will be reverted back in Autumn when the DST will no longer be active

Why there are 2 timezones selected at +2 or +3 GMT?

If you hover over +2 GMT Timezone you may notice thats it has merged with +3 GMT. Because the timezones shift an hour ahead during the summer.  +2 becomes +3. Those two timezones are the same. Hence thats why they are grouped and showing the common number.