How do I analyze reports?

This is the reports view you can see when you press on a sent campaign or grey button saying “View report”:


The tab called Stats overview shows the most general information for your sent campaign:

  • Total emails sent – the number of all newsletters which were sent to your subscribers’ list
  • Opened – we count open when the recipient loaded the images in your newsletter
  • Clicked – this is the number of recipients who clicked at least one link in your newsletter
  • Unsubscribed – recipients, who decided that they do not want to receive your newsletter and pressed “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your newsletter
  • Spam complaints show the number of subscribers who reported your newsletter as spam
  • A ‘bounce’ means that your email was sent to a specific address, but the mail server that received the email for that person has sent it back, saying it could not be delivered. Here you can find more info about what is the difference between hard and soft bounce.

Reading environment shows where your subscribers are reading emails.

  • Webmail – all emails clients which are viewed in a web browser (e.g.,
  • Mobile – when newsletters are opened via a smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPhone, Android, iPad)
  • Desktop – email clients, which are installed on a Mac or Windows PC (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail)

View email tab allows you to review sent newsletter along with sender and language information.

Link activity shows all the links in your newsletter and how many times they were clicked by recipients.

Subscriber activity gives the general information about each subscriber and also allows to copy lists to another group or export to file.

Once you press on ” Subscriber activity” there’s information about all opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints and bounces.

If you press on each email address, there you’ll find all the information about particular recipient’s opens history and other additional info.