Creating webforms

Webform is a popup, button or embed form which can be inserted to your website in order to offer newsletter signup and collect clients’ emails. All subscribers who sign up for your newsletter will appear in your subscribers’ list in MailerLite account and you’ll be able to send newsletters to them.

In order to create a new webform for your website you have to choose Webforms from the top menu and press Create your first Webform:


Write the name of your webform on the next step and then choose the type of the form you need. Description can be found next to each type.

Another important step – select a group (or several) where new subscribers are stored after registration:


If you’ve chosen popup form or landing pages – you’ll have to select a template. There’s a possibility to preview each of them, just hover the mouse over the template you would like to see. On the next step you’ll see the template for POPUP and SUCCESS which can be edited in any way you want:


On the next step you can edit settings for your popup form: mode, frequency and visibility. Then you’ll get script which should be added to your website. Don’t forget to activate webform, it’s default status is OFF.

If you choose button or embed form, you’ll see a bit different layout:


Fill in all details, edit design according to your needs, insert all the necessary custom fields to your form and double check groups. Please note that if you remove selection from Required field (on the right side of each group name), it will appear as a checkbox. Don’t forget that you can also edit your confirmation email and confirmation thank you page:

Once you save all changes, you’ll get back to a page with the code, where you can grab HTML code also (click the link saying: Want to get full HTML for the webform? Show HTML):

Your webform is ready! Send the code to your webmaster and ask to implement it on website wherever you want the form to appear.