How to add a Featured Image in RSS Campaign?

There are 2 possible options how you can add a Featured Image to your email when you use our RSS Campaign feature or RSS Items block in your Regular Campaigns.

To add a Featured Image, edit your RSS block by clicking on the Settings tab.

1. Excerpts + Featured Image

This option inserts excerpt of your post and adds an image. Please note that featured image should be defined in <media:content> or in <enclosure> tags.

Also, if there are some images in your main <content:encoded> (or <description> if there is no <content:encoded>) tag, MailerLite takes first image and places it as featured image.

2. Full Content

This option adds full content of your post. It means that if you have a featured image inserted in your post, it will be displayed in your campaign as well.

Please notice that MailerLite displays <content:encoded> tag first. If there is no <content:encoded> tag, <description> tag will be displayed instead.