How to hide/show a popup form on specific pages?

To hide or show a popup form on specific page just go to “webforms” tab, click on your popup form  and click “edit” next to “Behaviour” in the form overview window.

Scroll down till you will find Visibility settings. There are 3 available options:

  • Show always
  • Hide on specific pages
  • Only show on specific pages

Show always option is default option and means that your popup will be shown always and on all pages.

When you click Hide on specific pages or Only show on specific pages, textarea appears. You can enter a list of URL of each page in separate line you want to hide your popup form.

Hide on specific pages

To hide a popup form on website, please enter URL like This will hide your popup form from all website pages, including and others.

We recommend to use this option when you have two or more websites and would like to have different popup forms.

Below the textarea there is another checkbox Apply strict quality.

Hide on specific pages and apply strict equality

When this checkbox is marked the popup form will be hidden only from but will be visible on other pages like and others.

We recommend to use this setting only when you would like to hide popup form on a specific page (e.g. homepage).

Showing a popup form on one page is just as easy. Just click the next option and repeat the same actions.