What custom variables I can use in my campaigns?

At MailerLite you can use custom variables to display dynamic or personalized information in any type of your campaign.

Personalized variables for Campaigns

Personalized variables allow to display subscriber information in your campaigns.

{$email} – inserts your subscriber’s email address.
{$name} – inserts your subscriber’s first name if it’s available.

Full list of variables can be found here.

Dynamic variables

Dynamic variables allow to display a custom and unique links for each subscriber.

{$url} – generates a web version link to your campaign.
{$unsubscribe} – generates a link to your campaign’s unsubscribe page.
{$forward} – generates a link to Forward to a Friend page.

Variables for RSS Campaigns

These variables can be used and displayed only in RSS Campaigns. Below listed variables can be used in the subject line or in campaign content.

{$campaign_date} – displays the current date in a “yyyy-mm-dd” format.
{$feed_title} – displays the title of your feed.
{$last_post_title} – displays the title of your feed’s last post.